Pretty in Pink

  Ok so first off, I just want to mention that I am absolutely delighted with how well these pictures turned out. For the past month, I have been dreaming about doing a lovely spring floral photo shoot, especially after being inspired by other fellow bloggers and their beautiful spring photos. So I did some research to see what flowers bloom in the spring in Edmonton and what came up were these Pink Spires Crabapple trees, which are somewhat similar to cherry blossoms. I actually have one of these trees near my place, but it is right next to a parking lot, which I did not want in the pictures. Online a couple of sites mentioned some parks that have the Pink Spires, so my plan was to go to one of these parks on the weekend.
  However, my plans were ruined due to the windy conditions that weekend. Normally, I try to challenge the wind but I just did not feel up to it and I did not want my hair to be all over the place. So what I ended up doing, was get Jay to take the pictures on a Tuesday, a few hours after we finished work. Of course, this was a bit of a pain since I had to get up early to do my makeup and curl my hair straight after work, but it was worth it in the end. Also, we did not go to any of the parks that I originally planned because they were too far away, so we just decided to wing it and check out a nearby park in St. Albert.
  It turns out that the park had the Pink Spires after all, which I was not expecting so I was extremely happy. The weather was perfect too, since it was sunny and warm with no wind. Hurray! The best part was that we practically had the park to ourselves, which allowed me to relax and not feel awkward whilst getting my pictures taken. Of course, it was 8PM when we got to the park, which probably explains why nobody was around but I was not complaining. In fact, one of the main reasons why I love Alberta is that the sun sets very late during this time of year. In May, the sun sets at 9PM and in the summer it goes up to 11PM! It's crazy but I love it! It is almost like having a full day to myself after I finish work, if that makes any sense. Also, it gives me more flexibility with my photos when plans end up failing. I still prefer and plan to do my photos on my days off, but now that there is more daylight even after I finish work, it is nice to have that as a backup.
  As for the outfit, I'm not going to lie, everything was purchased within the last two months. I started off with buying the shoes first and then bought the rest of the items to go with them. I'm a bit embarrassed though, because one of my fashion habits is buying whatever catches my eye, even if I have nothing to go with it, which in this case was the shoes. But they were just too adorable for me to pass up and I did want to create a pretty vintage pastel look for spring, so I bought them. Then I found the perfect dress to match on SheIn and at an amazing price of $15! Mind you, the quality is not that great but I was fine with that. To make the outfit stand out and give it more of a vintage feel, I chose to add a petticoat. I found this fabulous pastel petticoat from Malco Modes, which I am in love with! I mean what are the odds of finding such a petticoat that matches the shoes perfectly?! The only thing that annoyed me about the petticoat was the price. On top of the price alone for the petticoat, even the international shipping for Malco Modes is ridiculous and I doubt I will ever purchase from there again because of it. As for the accessories, the brooch I found on eBay and the belt is from Amazon. Everything else except the bangles and hair flowers I bought on Etsy. I could not believe my luck on finding a matching brooch and purse too! I especially love my vintage purse! It's so pretty and unique! Overall, I am thrilled with how well this outfit turned out and the pictures with the pretty Pink Spires made it all the more better. With that being said, I definitely need to improve on my shopping habits, but we shall see how that goes!

Dress (sold out): SheIn
Brooch: eBay (vintage item so only one)
Hair flowers: Claire's (bought at the store not online)
Belt: Amazon
Petticoat: Malco Modes
Purse: Etsy (vintage item so only one) TheOldBagOnline
Bangles: Thrifted
Rose ring with matching earrings (earrings not shown): Etsy Handcraftedpassions
Shoes: Unique Vintage

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