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  Have you ever fell in love with a piece of clothing or item, so much that you just daydream about it 24/7 until you finally buy it? Well that was me with this dress! The minute I found this dress on Modcloth, I instantly fell in love and just had to buy it. The main reason was because of the adorable French Bulldog print (I am a sucker for Frenchie stuff). The second reason is that I adore the style of the dress.
  Previously, I mentioned that I am not to keen on wearing '50s fashion (even though I absolutely love it) mainly because, at times I feel too extravagant in the clothes. Also it can rather expensive just to put together one outfit. For instance, a typical '50s outfit usually consists of: a dress, belt, petticoat, handbag, shoes, bangles, brooch/necklace and a hair accessory. Based on the stores I shop, it would probably cost me $250-500 CAD per outfit, which to me is a lot of money. I don't know why, but I just can't seem to find any stores that sell cheap '50s items. The best I can do so far, is buy hair flowers at Claire's and bangles at the thrift store. I also bought a few cute vintage inspired dresses from eBay and SheIn.
  Luckily, this outfit did not cost me that much. The dress alone was $100 (it is now 50% off grr), which is not cheap, but the quality was worth it and the belt came with it. Also I already had black heels, so I just needed a black vintage style purse and jewelry. I found this perfect purse from Unique Vintage, which was also on the pricey side at $67, but it was exactly the type of purse I was looking for and I knew that I was not going to find a similar purse anywhere else at a cheaper price. For jewelry, I already had some basic black pieces, but I decided to take it up a notch and incorporate some French Bulldog jewelry to add more fun to the playful print. Of course, this too added up in costs, since I bought each piece from a different seller on Etsy (none of the stores had all three items together). When it comes to buying items on Etsy or eBay, my tip for you is to look at all the items in the seller's shop and see if there are multiple things that you need. That way you can do combined shipping, which will save you money, as opposed to buying each item from a different seller. Another tip is to find sellers in your country, that way the shipping will be cheaper and fast too.
  Overall, I am in love with this outfit, especially the dress! Normally, when I find French Bulldog clothing it is usually the typical graphic t-shirt or pajamas, so when I found this adorable vintage Frenchie print dress, I was absolutely delighted. It is almost as if the designer read my mind and personally made this dress for me. The only minor flaw was the sizing. Generally, I buy everything in a size small, but for this dress I purchased it in a medium based on a reviewer's recommendations. I am so glad that I got the medium because the small definitely would have been way too tight for me. The dress is still a little bit loose up top, but I would much rather that than have it be too small. I also had to get the straps adjusted because they were way too loose. Other than that, the dress is just perfect!

Dress: Modcloth (50% off!) I recommend a size medium if you normally are a size small.
Purse: Unique Vintage
Earrings: Etsy CaramelaHandmade
Bracelet: Etsy AnimalRings
Ring: Etsy shopheydoyou
Shoes (old): Le Chateau

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