Rocky Mountain High

  For part of the long Easter weekend, Jay (my boyfriend) and me decided to drive up to Golden, BC to spend the day there. We left Thursday evening, which was quite scary because we live 5.5 hours away and about a third of the drive was through the snow, in pitch dark. It was basically like the Millennium Falcon going into hyperdrive haha! Not to mention, there was a chance that wildlife could have jumped out at any time. Luckily, that was not the case, but still I was freaked out.

  We arrived at Golden close to midnight. We planned it that way so that we could spend the whole Friday there, instead of wasting it on driving. On Friday we did two things. The first thing was the wolf walk at the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre, which I booked a few weeks prior. That for us, was the highlight of the trip and the main reason we went to Golden in the first place. It was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience and I plan on talking about it in more depth in another post.

  The second thing we did was drive to Revelstoke, BC which is about 1.5 hours from Golden. The drive was spur of the moment, but it worked out perfect because this is where Jay took my outfit photos. Revelstoke is a beautiful town. Everything there is cute and charming, plus they have the greenest grass in Canada I think I have ever seen (the pictures don't do it justice). To top it off, the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. What was bizarre though, was that hardly any people were around, except for downtown. However, I was not complaining since we practically had the park to ourselves.

  As for the outfit, I would say it's somewhat 70's inspired. Everything aside from the jeans and purse that is. I thought the necklace was perfect to go with the whole wolf theme. The top, purse and necklace are all still available for purchase on Modcloth. The top is based on John Denver's 1975 song "Rocky Mountain High," which I had no idea until I read the tag on the top. To be honest, I never even heard of the song until looking it up recently. I mainly bought the top because the mountains are like a drug to me. I realize that sounds rather clich√©, but I am absolutely in love with the mountains. I'm always amazed everytime I see them. Someday, I want to live in the mountains, but for now I just visit on the long weekends.

Top: Modcloth
Purse: Modcloth (It's 30% off)
Necklace: Modcloth
Jeans: Forever21 old
Coat: Modcloth old
Boots: Walmart


  1. Omg Jordan, people say Australia has scary animals, but I think Canada wins for with scariness! Driving in the dark, in the snow would be terrifying for me! But you made it to some amazing scenery, I'm really enjoying your posts and getting a glimpse into your side of the world. What a breathtaking place, Lucky you have a fantastic photographer too, such beautiful pictures. That coat and fur is amazing! I'd totally wear that one if it got cold enough here!

    Em xx

  2. Hey Emily :)! Sorry I did not get back sooner! I haven't been on my blog, so I just read your comment now! Haha yeah driving in the winter can be pretty scary here, but luckily the roads were not icy. Normally, I would not drive so far in the dark at this time of year, but the only day we could do the wolf walk was Friday, so we left right after work. Thank-you so much lovely :)! I feel the same with your posts. I have never been to Australia, so it's always interesting to see you post things about Melbourne :). Funny you mention that Australia has scary animals, because that is the main reason I'm terrified to go haha! Sharks, snakes and spiders absolutely frighten me! As long as I don't see any of them, then I'm good to go. Yes Banff, Jasper and all of British Columbia is amazing! Probably the best part of Canada even though I'm from the East Coast. Thanks :)!! I actually taught him how to use my camera. He doesn't really like to take my outfit pictures, but he is slowly coming around haha. You should definitely visit Canada in the winter and then you can wear all the coats you like :)!

    Jordan Xx

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