Canola Comeback

  Hey everyone! I just want to start off by saying I am sorry for the four week hiatus! I have been preoccupied with several things for the past month and needed to take a break from the social media/ blogging world. If you have been following my Instagram, I did mention that my boyfriend and I were planning on moving to another part of Edmonton, in order to save us some money. The new place would have been closer to our work as well. Well it turns out that we decided to not move in the end, even though we were in the process of packing our things. The reason why is because our landlord offered us a cheaper rent price than the other place (Yay!). Also, Jay recently switched jobs and our current place is now a shorter commute for him. Overall, I am absolutely thrilled that we are staying because this place has way more space compared to the other. The other place would have been a nightmare trying to store all my clothes and shoes haha! Moreover, the whole moving process in general would have been a huge hassle, so I am glad that we did not have to go through with that.
  So if I did not move, then what exactly have I been doing for the past month? Well I have been working full time as per usual, but on top of that, Jay's friend was visiting for a week and then my parents were here for another week, so my free time was used to spend with them. Also when my parents were here, they helped me pick out a new car, since my old one had a lot of work that needed to be done and it was going to cost too much money to fix it. I'm not going to lie, but I was a bit bummed out by this, because the other car was already paid off, so from going to that to having to pay for a new car is annoying. On the other hand, I am loving my new car though and it is definitely a big upgrade from my previous one. As for the other two weeks, I have been catching up with everyone on Instagram, taking some outfit photos and getting ready for my upcoming trip to Hawaii this Friday. I am so freaking excited to go! I can't wait!
  Anyway, as for the outfit, I did mention in a previous post that I had a dress that is very similar to one of Jackie Burkhart's dresses from That '70s Show. Well this is the dress and here is a picture of the dress she wore! I know it is not exactly identical but the style is basically the same. I bought the dress last year from Modcloth but never got the chance to wear it until now. I absolutely love this dress, especially with the lace details and pretty floral print! As for the accessories, I wanted to replicate the look as much as possible so I bought the puka shell jewelry from my local thrift store. The ring and earrings were also thrifted. As for the rest of the outfit, I had nothing to go by so I just made an educated guess and went for a macrame bag and clogs. Overall, I am extremely happy with this outfit since it is similar to Jackie's look, is comfortable to wear and is a sweet outfit to wear in the prairies.

*Photo credits go to my amazing Mom and finding the photo location goes to my awesome Dad! Thank-you!!

Have you ever tried to replicate someone's style? Have you ever bought something but did not wear/use it a year later? Let me know in the comments :)!

Dress (old)- Modcloth
Puka Shell Necklace- Thrifted
Puka Shell Bracelet- Thrifted
Ring- Thrifted
Earrings- Thrifted
Shoes (old)- Modcloth
Macrame Purse (old)- Urbanog

Watermelon Crush

Do you ever feel disappointed or get annoyed when things do not go as planned? Well that is exactly how I have been feeling for the past week. Lately the weather has been so dreary, and by that I mean unpredictable thunderstorms practically everyday for more than a week. One of the storms was so bad that I even lost my power for a few hours, and of course it went off in the midst of watching Orange Is the New Black grr! I seriously wanted to track Mother Nature down, and knock some sense into her haha! With that being said, the weather has definitely been putting a damper on my blogging, so I do apologize for the lack of posts. I am rather embarrassed though, since my original goal was to post twice a week, but at this point I will consider myself lucky if I can do one post a week. I did not realize how much of a challenge blogging would be, on top of a full time job and other responsibilities. I am by no means giving up though! After all, one post a week is better than none at all, and there is always room for improvement in the future :)!
  Today's outfit post is a perfect example of when plans go wrong, since this was my third attempt at taking these photos. Yes, my third attempt! Talk about dedication or what haha? What can I say? I guess Mother Nature was not feeling the watermelon love! I even had to get Jay to take the pictures right after I finished work, because it was the only day of this week with perfect weather. Coincidentally, it happened to be the first day of the summer too, so it ended up being the perfect outfit to start the season. Now if only the weather could go back to this for the majority of the summer, that would be brilliant (pretty please Mother Nature)!
As for the outfit itself, most of the pieces are old, (I'm sorry) but this outfit is still easy to re-create since the fruit trend is still a summer favourite :)! If you are keen on having a pair of these shorts, they currently are selling them on Etsy, or if you feel creative, you can even make them yourself. In terms of the sunglasses, they were a DIY project, thanks to this amazing and easy eHow article that I found. All you need is a pair of sunglasses with thick frames, tape and some nail polish. For the purse, I will link some alternatives below along with some other watermelon themed clothing, in case you are interested. As for the ring and earrings, both I purchased from Etsy a few months ago. AliExpress, eBay, Etsy, Modcloth and SheIn are all really great online stores if you are looking for themed clothing or accessories. Now that covers the watermelon pieces, so all you need is to incorporate some basics to balance out the outfit, and then you are all set :)!

Sunglasses- DIY (Here is the eHow article I used :)!)
Shorts (old)- Showpo (Here is a similar pair on Etsy and here is the DIY video)
Necklace (old)- Etsy (Similar one on Etsy)
Ring (old)- Etsy (Similar one on Etsy)
Purse (old) Modcloth (Similar Modcloth, SheIn, SheIn)
Watermelon alternative clothing- (Modcloth, SheIn, SheIn, SheIn, Unique Vintage)
Top, bangles and earrings (old)- Forever21
Sandals (old)- Lulus (Similar pair on Lulus)

That '70s Show

  Hello lovelies! Sorry for not posting these past few weeks! A lot of things have been going on with me lately. The main thing is that Jay and I have been recently looking for a new place to rent in order to save us some money. It sucks because I do like the place we are living at now, since it is spacious and very close to many stores. However, it is rather far away from our work and with the rent increasing at our current place, it is leaving us with no spending money. So with that being said, it is time for a change! We have already went to a few showings these past few weeks, including one that we just went to a few hours ago, which we are in love with. The place is brand new with nice hardwood floors and is close to our work. Hurray! We should find out in the next two weeks or so if we can live there, so fingers crossed!
  As for today's outfit post, I bought this amazing printed top from Modcloth last year. The main reason I bought it is because, it looks like something Jackie Burkhart would have worn. That's right, Jackie Burkart (aka Mila Kunis) from That '70s Show! Last year I binged watched six seasons on Netflix and during that time, I fell in love with Jackie's style. As a result, I ended up buying several outfits in order to replicate the look. I even found a dress that looks exactly like one of the ones she wore in an episode, (I don't know the specific episode) but that is for another post. Besides this, I really love the colours and the style of the top! It kind of has this Mexican sort of vibe to it, so if I ever go to Mexico I will definitely be wearing this for sure!
  For the bottoms, I went with these classic shorts that I have had for about ten years. Yes ten years and I have worn them loads too, so I am amazed that they are still going strong! I originally was planning to wear bell bottoms to continue with the '70s style and to hide my super pale legs, however it ended up being too hot to wear jeans. Also the bell bottoms would have completely covered up these funky platforms, so I decided to embrace my outer Casper for the day!
  For the rest of the outfit, the purse and platforms I both purchased from UrbanOG. I love UrbanOG because they have fun and unique pieces at affordable prices! If you are looking for some amazing printed jumpsuits and dresses or some bold coloured shoes, then definitely check this store out. The quality and prices are very similar to Forever21 and SheIn, so if quality does not matter to you, then you are good to go. For jewelery, all of these pieces are new from Forever21 except for the hoop earrings. The awesome thing about the rings is that I bought them as a set (minus the ring on my right ring finger) for $12.90, which I think is a great deal! The set includes ten rings but I am only wearing eight of them.

Top (old): Modcloth
Shorts (old): TALLY WEiJL
Purse: UrbanOG (no longer available)
Platforms: UrbanOG (They are only $21!)
Ring Set: Forever21
Bracelet Set: Forever21
Hoop earrings (old): Forever21

A Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

  So it is the last day of the long weekend here in Canada and normally I would be on my way back from Banff. However, this weekend I did not get to go since Jay has been away for the past week visiting his family in the UK. That is right, the UK! I am a bit jealous since I would have loved to have been able to go, but my work only allows me to take 2-3 weeks of vacation time off a year and that trip would have taken up most of my time. Jay is a contractor, meaning that he can take time off whenever he wants, which is awesome but at the same time, he does not get vacation pay so he has to save up for it. Despite being stuck at home and working, I don't mind though, since I will practically have the whole month of August off. I am so excited! I will be going to Hawaii for the first time ever and after I will be visiting my family in my home province NS. The last time I was in NS was two years ago, so I am really looking forward to seeing everyone there.
  Ok, now let's get back to the outfit post! Jay actually took these photos of me a few weeks ago, even before the last two outfit posts that I did. The reason why I did not post this one first is because I decided to save it for when Jay went away, since I have no other recent outfits to post. Also, I chose this one to save because I feel like this one tops all the other outfits that I posted this month. The pictures were taken at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, which consists of four different pyramid greenhouses: the Arid Pyramid, the Feature Pyramid, the Temperate Pyramid and the Tropical Pyramid.
  This was our first time ever going, even though we have been living here for about three years. The conservatory was beautiful to walk around in and observe all of the different plants. My favourites were the Tropical and Feature pyramids. I loved the Tropical Pyramid since it made me temporarily feel like I was in the Caribbean, minus the beach and fancy drinks. The Feature Pyramid is where they change the display to a certain theme every couple of months, in this case, the theme was "A Kaleidoscope of Colour." I absolutely loved this display since it consisted of gorgeous hydrangeas, a beautiful butterfly topiary and pretty flower umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. I actually don't know why we did not visit this place earlier, since it is a lovely place to sit and relax. Also, it is definitely one of the best places in Edmonton to take pictures. In general, I find Edmonton is an ugly city, (Sorry Edmontonians!) compared to other places in Canada like Jasper and Banff. However, there are still plenty of amazing places to take pictures. You just have to search and look for them!
  As for the outfit, the dress is from Modcloth, which I am completely in love with. I just love the colours and the fun floral print! I was also very lucky to have bought the last one in size small. At one point, it was sold out and my heart literally sank because I had been eying it for a couple of weeks. However, someone must have cancelled their order when I checked a few hours later. In case you are interested in buying the dress, Modcloth tends to restock it once in a while, so keep your eyes peeled! Since the dress reminds me of the '60s, I decided to pair it with matching '60s accessories and makeup. All the accessories are still available for purchase except for the purse and ring, which are old from Forever21. The hair scarf is from Unique Vintage and the earrings are from Bow and Crossbones. Bow and Crossbones is a lovely online store, that sells adorable retro inspired jewelry that ranges from fun tiki bangles to sweet '60s styled hoops. I really adore the pieces that they sell! My only complaint is the shipping was rather slow, (It took over a month to receive my two sets of earrings!) but then again, everything I have been ordering from the UK is taking a long time to get here. I don't know what is going on! The necklace is too from Modcloth and the bangle I bought on Etsy. Lastly, the shoes are old from Spring. Overall, this is definitely one of my favourite '60s inspired outfits and I am delighted with how well the conservatory matched my dress!

Dress: Modcloth (Sold out but stayed tuned for possible restock!)
Hair Scarf: Unique Vintage
Earrings: Bow and Crossbones
Necklace: Modcloth
Bangle: Etsy (CraftemallHandmade)
Ring (old): Forever21
Purse (old): Forever21
Shoes (old): Spring

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