That '70s Show

  Hello lovelies! Sorry for not posting these past few weeks! A lot of things have been going on with me lately. The main thing is that Jay and I have been recently looking for a new place to rent in order to save us some money. It sucks because I do like the place we are living at now, since it is spacious and very close to many stores. However, it is rather far away from our work and with the rent increasing at our current place, it is leaving us with no spending money. So with that being said, it is time for a change! We have already went to a few showings these past few weeks, including one that we just went to a few hours ago, which we are in love with. The place is brand new with nice hardwood floors and is close to our work. Hurray! We should find out in the next two weeks or so if we can live there, so fingers crossed!
  As for today's outfit post, I bought this amazing printed top from Modcloth last year. The main reason I bought it is because, it looks like something Jackie Burkhart would have worn. That's right, Jackie Burkart (aka Mila Kunis) from That '70s Show! Last year I binged watched six seasons on Netflix and during that time, I fell in love with Jackie's style. As a result, I ended up buying several outfits in order to replicate the look. I even found a dress that looks exactly like one of the ones she wore in an episode, (I don't know the specific episode) but that is for another post. Besides this, I really love the colours and the style of the top! It kind of has this Mexican sort of vibe to it, so if I ever go to Mexico I will definitely be wearing this for sure!
  For the bottoms, I went with these classic shorts that I have had for about ten years. Yes ten years and I have worn them loads too, so I am amazed that they are still going strong! I originally was planning to wear bell bottoms to continue with the '70s style and to hide my super pale legs, however it ended up being too hot to wear jeans. Also the bell bottoms would have completely covered up these funky platforms, so I decided to embrace my outer Casper for the day!
  For the rest of the outfit, the purse and platforms I both purchased from UrbanOG. I love UrbanOG because they have fun and unique pieces at affordable prices! If you are looking for some amazing printed jumpsuits and dresses or some bold coloured shoes, then definitely check this store out. The quality and prices are very similar to Forever21 and SheIn, so if quality does not matter to you, then you are good to go. For jewelery, all of these pieces are new from Forever21 except for the hoop earrings. The awesome thing about the rings is that I bought them as a set (minus the ring on my right ring finger) for $12.90, which I think is a great deal! The set includes ten rings but I am only wearing eight of them.

Top (old): Modcloth
Shorts (old): TALLY WEiJL
Purse: UrbanOG (no longer available)
Platforms: UrbanOG (They are only $21!)
Ring Set: Forever21
Bracelet Set: Forever21
Hoop earrings (old): Forever21

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