Watermelon Crush

Do you ever feel disappointed or get annoyed when things do not go as planned? Well that is exactly how I have been feeling for the past week. Lately the weather has been so dreary, and by that I mean unpredictable thunderstorms practically everyday for more than a week. One of the storms was so bad that I even lost my power for a few hours, and of course it went off in the midst of watching Orange Is the New Black grr! I seriously wanted to track Mother Nature down, and knock some sense into her haha! With that being said, the weather has definitely been putting a damper on my blogging, so I do apologize for the lack of posts. I am rather embarrassed though, since my original goal was to post twice a week, but at this point I will consider myself lucky if I can do one post a week. I did not realize how much of a challenge blogging would be, on top of a full time job and other responsibilities. I am by no means giving up though! After all, one post a week is better than none at all, and there is always room for improvement in the future :)!
  Today's outfit post is a perfect example of when plans go wrong, since this was my third attempt at taking these photos. Yes, my third attempt! Talk about dedication or what haha? What can I say? I guess Mother Nature was not feeling the watermelon love! I even had to get Jay to take the pictures right after I finished work, because it was the only day of this week with perfect weather. Coincidentally, it happened to be the first day of the summer too, so it ended up being the perfect outfit to start the season. Now if only the weather could go back to this for the majority of the summer, that would be brilliant (pretty please Mother Nature)!
As for the outfit itself, most of the pieces are old, (I'm sorry) but this outfit is still easy to re-create since the fruit trend is still a summer favourite :)! If you are keen on having a pair of these shorts, they currently are selling them on Etsy, or if you feel creative, you can even make them yourself. In terms of the sunglasses, they were a DIY project, thanks to this amazing and easy eHow article that I found. All you need is a pair of sunglasses with thick frames, tape and some nail polish. For the purse, I will link some alternatives below along with some other watermelon themed clothing, in case you are interested. As for the ring and earrings, both I purchased from Etsy a few months ago. AliExpress, eBay, Etsy, Modcloth and SheIn are all really great online stores if you are looking for themed clothing or accessories. Now that covers the watermelon pieces, so all you need is to incorporate some basics to balance out the outfit, and then you are all set :)!

Sunglasses- DIY (Here is the eHow article I used :)!)
Shorts (old)- Showpo (Here is a similar pair on Etsy and here is the DIY video)
Necklace (old)- Etsy (Similar one on Etsy)
Ring (old)- Etsy (Similar one on Etsy)
Purse (old) Modcloth (Similar Modcloth, SheIn, SheIn)
Watermelon alternative clothing- (Modcloth, SheIn, SheIn, SheIn, Unique Vintage)
Top, bangles and earrings (old)- Forever21
Sandals (old)- Lulus (Similar pair on Lulus)


  1. Wow I do love this look girl! It is so vibrant and colourful and most definitely gets me in the summer mood!

  2. Totally love this whole outfit! Perfect little details. Now I need to make a pair of shorts like this!
    Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com


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